Episode 1325 (March 30, 2021)


In this episode TravelTV.News focuses on:

  • Nepal opens doors to Indian travelers
  • The Globus family of brands on-boards new experiences, Monograms India Discoveries
  • Rajya Sabha Member, Vandana Chavan, raised Industry’s voice in the parliament and mention the recent work by ETAA
  • Kerala Tourism launches ‘ My first Trip 2021’ campaign
  • Kashmir to host 6-day festival to promote tourism
  • Glass Sky Walk in a Rajgir, Bihar, opens for public

We Interviewed:

  • DHANANJAY REGMI, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Tourism Board
  • VARESH CHOPRA, Regional Director, Globus family of brands
  • VANDANA CHAVAN, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Maharashtra