Global Panorama Showcase Pune (11 Sep 2019)


In this episode TravelTV.News focuses on:

  • Global Panorama Showcase 2019 made its last stop for the year in Pune and set a new benchmark for facilitating connections amongst suppliers and buyers from Tier II and Tier III cities.

We interviewed:

  • RAJU AKOLKAR, Chief Executive Officer, Global Panorama Showcase (GPS)
  • TANUSHKA KAUR ANAND, Executive Director, Global Panorama Showcase (GPS)
  • SANJAY NARULA, Vice President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)
  • YUVRAJ PADOLE, Deputy Director- Events & Marketing, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board
  • ANIL PARASHAR, President and CEO , Interglobe Technology Quotient
  • SUNIL V A, Regional Vice President-ISC, Oman Air
  • VISHAL BHATIA, Country Manager-India, VisitBritain
  • ARVIND TANDON, Director, Ark Travels
  • G KRISHNA, President, Skal International Pune 452
  • SANTOSH KHAWALE, Chairman-Western India Region, Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA)
  • MEHBOOB SHAIKH, Hon. Treasurer- Pune Chapter, Travel Agents Association of India
  • MANOJ VASWANI, Vice President, Travel Agents Association of Nasik
  • ATUL GUGALE, Director, Holiday Plus
  • GULZAAR SAYED, Owner, Regency Travel Consultant
  • HARMANDEEP SINGH ANAND, Managing Director, Global Panorama Showcase