Travel MICE Show (Part-II) (Dec 21, 2021)


In this episode TravelTV.News focuses on:

  • With renewed vigor and new energy, Travel MICE Show in its 6th edition brings an opportunity for MICE players to redefine the market.

We Interviewed:

  • JYOTHI VARMA, COO, Tykhe Cybernetix
  • ROHAN ARORA, Associate Director of Sales, The Suryaa New Delhi
  • NEHA MORRIS, Director-Sales, The Park Hotels, New Delhi
  • EKANSH JAYASWAL, Associate Director of Sales, Ananta Hotels & Resorts
  • KIRTI K BHARDWAJ, Regional Head (North and East), Reliance India-Jio
  • RISHI GROVER, Strategy Manager-Travel, Times Group
  • KAMAL THAKUR, General Manager, Pipeline Infrastructure
  • MOHAMMED SHERIFF, Assistant Manager-Travel Desk, LifeCell International
  • DILIP PATHAK, Manager, Bluestar
  • JANNIFER DSOUZA, Head-Operations, HR & Admin, Davines India (Tangyrose)
  • LEENA DEDHIA, Manager-Travel Desk, Technocraft Industries India
  • PRIYAM KHETAWAT, Proprietor, The Escapade
  • KHADIJA BAGASRAWAL, Assistant Manager-MICE & Administration, Group M
  • PIYUSH KUMAR GOHIL, Director ONS Convention