Episode 2040 (May 10, 2024)


In this episode TravelTV.News focuses on:

  • Spain has many different landscapes. There are rocky coastlines in the north and sunny beaches in the south. In between, there are mountains, deserts, and lots of famous cities. Instead of going to Madrid, Barcelona, and Mallorca, let’s check out some hidden treasures in Spain. Today, we’ll be looking at Aragon in our episode.
  • Aragon’s landscape is incredibly diverse. You’ll find everything from snowy glaciers to lush valleys, fertile farmlands, and fruit orchards, all the way to dry plains in the central areas. Aragon has many rivers, with the Ebro River being the most important. It flows west to east across the region, passing through Zaragoza province. Aragon is also where you’ll find the tallest mountains in the Pyrenees.
  • When you travel to Aragon, anticipate varying weather conditions throughout this diverse region of Spain. Spring and autumn are usually nice with mild weather, perfect for outdoor fun. Summer can get hot, and winter is great for skiing and snowboarding in the Pyrenees.
  • The region has a diverse cultural heritage shaped by its Roman, Muslim, and Christian past. Aragon is famous for its tasty local food. You can find many food markets and traditional restaurants in the cities where you can try real Aragonese dishes. Some of the region’s most famous dishes include Migas, and Borrajas. If you are a wine lover, Aragon is definitely a region to explore and discover new and exciting wines.
  • Zaragoza is the largest airport in the Aragon region and is well-connected to domestic and some international destinations. If you’re travelling to Zaragoza or other parts of central Aragon, this airport is your best choice. It’s located approximately 16 kilometres from the city center.
  • When you’re in Aragon, don’t forget to grab some souvenirs and gifts! Whether you want to browse through street markets or spend a day shopping, you will find a wide range of malls, outlets, shops, and markets to shop in Aragon